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05/12/06 Unfortunately, the upcoming tour wiht SUIS LA LUNE was cancelled due to some personal troubles in the band, but hopefully guys will sort it out soon and will try to hit the road again this spring. Hopefully ... anyway, heres the new song, that will soon appear at diy tape compilation made by Daniel from WISHES ON A PALNE. Here is it:

Is giraffe as tall as chimney is?

Yo! Sorry for delay. Im back from our tour w/ Sir, Yes Sir (Fr). Thanks to everybody who did a show for us, gave us food and room to sleep and much much more ... You guys know, who you are! But thanks again ... There are no shows scheduled right now and only upcoming act is february tour with awesome Suis La Lune from Sweden. Pa.

Pictures from NANCY (Zoo Bar) and KOPRIVNICE (Nora).

One new song called Fontaine Love is online at myspace. Cheers.

Hey hey, see some pictures from Vienna show with awesome Killed by 9v Batteries: Watching You Sleep & Train Diary. Here is the first review about split w/ Jon La Tash. Thankies.

No shows scheduled.

past shows


2.0 split w/ Jon La Tash (CD) 2006

01.-04. Jon La Tash
05. Every Monday Pt. II
06. Know The Sea
07. I don´t kiss strangers (listen here)

Blue Spring EP (CD) 2005

tracklist / mp3

01. Every Monday (Blue Spring Ver.)
02. Homemade Person
03. #3
04. Birds

Recorded before Pl/De mini tour with River for Sale & Bone Machine ...

Sorry Lara EP (unreleased)

Mp3: Reversal of Relationship, Every Monday

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Hamburg - Rote Flora (summer 2006)
67/2006 + 7/7 (Hamburg + Lübeck photos